Back-Office as a Service for Small Service Businesses (coming in 2019)

In the process of growing Jakt to a multiple 7 figure business, a constant pain point was back-office operations. I tried multiple different solutions, some of which worked, and a lot that didn’t and cost me a lot of money.

Why? Because I had never done it before. I wish there was a service that could have handled this for me at a price that worked. When you are growing a service based business, it’s hard to hire full time back-office staff. And if you do and get it wrong, it’s very costly.

What if there was an alternative that was more cost effective that hiring full time & more effective?

Well, that’s what we want to create. At some point, hiring full time I think will be necessary, but until a certain point, I don’t think it makes sense for a business to do. That’s the service we are going to create. It’s something I wish existed when I was growing Jakt and what we are going to offer to others.