ALT Recruiting

ALT Recruiting is our take on recruiting, born out of the experiences of running Jakt. It’s something we’ve been thinking about for years and feel now is the time to take action. We feel the current recruiting model used by most agencies of 20%+ per hire is something that needs to change - so we are doing something about it.

For the past 6 years Jakt has worked with companies of all sizes, from those that were 1 person and just an idea to large enterprises. We’ve encountered various types of situations, so we deeply understand the challenges that arise with the development and growth of new ventures. Not to mention, we’re simultaneously building our own company, so we’ve experienced these challenges directly.

Full-time hiring is a persistent pain point for growing businesses. We’ve learned this first-hand, as well as through working with external partners.

We believe that the two main reasons for this challenge are:

1. Cost. The standard recruiting model is 20%+ per hire. For a startup or small business, this is extremely difficult to afford / not possible.
2. Quality. We’ve tried working with recruiters. Most of them don’t understand startups or the positions they are recruiting for. They don’t understand what a product manager, UX designer or developer actually does. They don’t understand the skill sets required. They don’t understand the difference between Java and Javascript. They don’t understand the difference between project management and product management. They don’t understand the difference between UX and UI. So, they send over poor candidates.

We are uniquely posed to help solve both of these problems.

We can solve problem #1 because we simply don’t need to charge 20%. We know the existing model eliminates the ability for a lot of businesses to use recruiters. Hell, we can’t pay it ourselves.

We don’t need to charge this much because recruiting isn’t our only business. It’s part of a suite of services we offer and aren’t concerned with squeezing out profit from just this avenue. And if we wouldn’t pay it ourselves, we can’t possibly ask others to do so.

The model we would pay is 10% of salary with a cap of $10K, so that’s what we are offering others.

Typical model:

Salary = $50K → Fee = $10K

Salary = $100K → Fee = $20K

Salary = $150K → Fee = $30K

Our model:

Salary = $50K → Fee = $5K (50% less than standard)

Salary = $100K → Fee = $10K (50% less than standard)

Salary = $150K → Fee = $10K (66% less than standard)

We can solve problem #2 (quality issues) above because we have first hand experience with all of these positions. We hire for them ourselves. These type of people work every single day at our company with our agency, and so we know exactly how to recruit for them. Because we are them.

Until now we’ve kept our recruiting methods to ourselves and only hired for internal positions. We’re now offering our internal recruiting services to external partners.

Update: After an initial test run of the offering and early success, we’ve decided to spin this out into it’s own business: ALT Recruiting

The name derives from it’s two co-founders, Anthony and Lisa Tumbiolo. It’s also short for “Alternative” Recruiting, as we have a unique take on the normal recruiting model.